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The Yellow Boat Cruises

About us

Our mission is to give the better experience to our customers through all our cruises. With excellent service and local knowledge we show you the beauty of our coastline and create unforgettable memories on board.

Being a local family business, we take great pride in our authentic Cyprus hospitality. We do so by by showing you some of the most picturesque sights of our island, share real information, and most importantly putting our heart in what we do.

Together we create our summer story, filled with sunny days, and lots of laughter and joy. Because here at the Yellow Boat Cruises we are not just a company, we are a united international family.

The face of our company, meet the team...

Captain Andreas

Captain Andreas, founder and captain of The Yellow Boat Cruises, started his journey in 1997. Motivated by his vision to create something exceptional in the hospitality sector, he began building his very first boat Aretousa. Now with over 20 years experience and thousands of cruises under his belt, he is dedicated in offering our customers the best Cyprus experience. With his witty jokes and humble personality, he is most definitely the heart of the party.


Lore, most definitely the multilingual lady boss of the team. With four languages she began cruising alongside Captain Andreas in 1999. Taking her love for Cyprus, she has been a big part in making our guests feel like they have a home away from home. Now responsible of the reservations, you can always find her in our main office by Protaras Pier. You can always count on her to give you real information and real hospitality, as she always goes the extra mile to assure you get the best experience.


If you plan on cruising with us, you will most probably meet Anna, our main host. Brought up aboard alongside her parents she has an experience as old as her age. Now in charge of our online bookings, social media and on the first line of service aboard, she is dedicated in following our core fundamentals. With a combination of modern technology and the good old Cyprus hospitality she is dedicated in offering you the best customer service.


Christopher or Chris for short, is the youngest member of our team. Bringing a twist to traditional cruising, Chris and his knowledge of modern technology have changed the game. Upgrading all our vessels  yearly with the newest technology, low emissions and solar power. A stat in disguise, if you plan on having a boat party and get lucky to have him behind the bar, be rest assured that it will one you will never forget.

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